The Cure

"Above all, the cure requires a desire and a belief -- the replacement of a victim mindset with a growth mindset.  We must desire to end our crisis and believe that we can.  In particular, we black males, the key to a cure, must desire to reclaim our family provider and protector role and must believe that we can."

Founder, Joe L. Rempson

A collaborative effort

How To Break Free Of The Black Male Crisis Cycle

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Practice the art of loving

The practice of the art of loving is a cure ingredient for all causes.  Its practice energizes, provides the foundation for sound character development, contributes to a positive core identity, enhances self-help, and is the life force of secure and caring home, school, and community environments. 

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encourage a career pathway

Having a career is a cure ingredient for all causes.  Career success plays a central role in the forging of a positive core identity, and in fostering individual and family wellbeing.

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Support a child family rights movement

A Child Family Rights Movement would address all three causes.  It would entail enabling, assisting, and encouraging families to provide their children the security and love to which they are entitled, career and character being the core of its emphasis, together with the practice of the art of loving


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