the Crisis

"The African American Male School Adaptability Crisis (AMSAC) is defined as the failure of our African American male students, as a group, to adapt to school requirements, consequently, resulting in their exceptionally poor school performance, catastrophic high school dropout rate, and markedly lagging college attendance and graduation rates --adaptation being the attribute which has made possible human survival and progress, its failure producing such results as these."  [Rempson book, p. 60]

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Fatherless Families

African Americans have 72 percent out-of-wedlock birthrate, meaning many children grow up with only a single parent

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School Performance & Dropout Rates

Black males rank last in school achievement and in 56 highest black male enrollment districts have a 59% dropout rate, versus 42% for whites


College enrollment & Graduation Rates

Black males rank below black females and other ethnic groups in college entrance and graduation

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addressing the root of the problem

These statistics are symptoms of retarding currents which, in some aspects, pervade the entire African American community, but which take their heaviest toll on its poor segments. Those currents have their origin in what the Foundation terms our three major demons:  IQ lag-fatherless families-crime. Face these demons and we can conquer them, and only if we conquer them are we going to solve AMSAC because AMSAC exists because of these demons.  The Foundation addresses the how -- and more!

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